Jazz & Resurrection at Wheel of Time Gallery

Wheel of Time Gallery occupies a suburban house that’s become the temporary home of an art collective. 

As they say on Facebook:

“The house is soon at one point in the future to be demolished, as will the other houses on the street. // Cycles // 

“The Wheel of Time Gallery is not merely a place for art and performances exhibitions. It is an excuse to gather communities together— to reshape how we live. An experiment in improvisation– real-time myth making. Culture Making–To not just experience art but to experience the fact you and I are a piece of art—moving memory — in real-time. Making it up as we go.

“Stories can be perceived in a linear way——————like a line————— or in circular way. The circle—the wheel—here is a shape and form that speaks more to the patterning systems we live in and the harmony that is there no matter how skewed the wheel gets. Points on a line

“The Wheel of Time Gallery is about changing what we put in the hub of the wheel . To spin new ideas, new dreams, new realities. 
Provoking our imagination. 

On the night I made these photos – Saturday, November 3, 2018 – The Wheel of Time Gallery in collaboration with the musicians from the Jazz House presented a group exhibition: Cycle #4: “Jazz and Resurrection” 

With the Jimi James Trio (and guests) + the art of Celo Vieira, Anwar Nasr, Niko Ward, Denisa Dořtova, and Ben Wylie. With performances and collaborations with in house artists Matthew Ariaratnam, Anne Jost Michele Whimby, Neo Oslund and Raj Gill.

Anwar Nasr – who left his life in finance to come to Canada and clown, was poised to return to Egypt in a few weeks. Neo Oslund, a veteran of various Burning Man affiliated events, presented a large sculpture of a human head onto which the audience’s musical reveries were projected.

Certainly, it was a night to remember.

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