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  1. Debby Friday Live at the Red Gate

    02 Jul 2019

    Having photographed Debby Friday for a Discorder Magazine cover a few months back, I already knew her live show would be amazing so of course I needed to be at the Red Gate to document her set:  Local favourite industrial rock act Freak Dream appeared later that evening and were…

  2. Whess Harman

    02 Jul 2019

    Whess Harman is, by their own description, “a mixed race, trans/non-binary, queer artist of the Carrier Witat Nation” whose work creates “a space where [they] can visually reconcile and collect the intersections of [their] own compounded identities of gender and race to examine how they are integrated into [their] cultural…

  3. Organs Without Bodies

    02 Jul 2019

    John Brennan and Jacob Audrey Taves are mainstays of Vancouver’s experimental music scene, and have been performing together for several years. Recently they recorded their first album as Organs Without Bodies, “Speechless”, and invited me to photograph them to coincide with the release. Check the album out here:

  4. Kamikaze Nurse

    02 Jul 2019

    One of the most inventive bands coming out of Vancouver’s leftfield music scene, Kamikaze Nurse is greater than the sum of its local supergroup parts Artist KC Wei (vocals/guitars) produced the long-running indie showcase Art Rock? The Popular Esoteric, Sonya Eui (vocals/bass) also performs in recent Mint Records signees Necking,…

  5. Cuba: Twilight of the Revolution

    16 Apr 2019

    As part of Vancouver’s Capture Photography Festival 2019, I published a small edition of books containing one of the first photo series I’m still proud of, Cuba: Twilight of the Revolution Prints from the series has previously been shown in New York and Berlin. Since Cuba has a clear linear…

  6. Debby Friday

    09 Mar 2019

    Punk electronic provocateur Debby Friday visited my studio recently for a shoot that became the cover of the March 2019 issue of Discorder Magazine Her music’s definitely worth a listen, harkening back to late-90s Digital Hardcore releases while injecting plenty of 2019 flavour. Check it out on your favourite…

  7. Yves Tumor

    01 Mar 2019

    Experimental electronic music artist Yves Tumor played Celebrities Underground in May 2019. The set turned out to be more David Bowie than Cabaret Voltaire; for more coverage see Discorder Magazine’s review here:

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