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Cuba: Twilight of the Revolution (book)

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“Cuba – Twilight of the Revolution”, a photobook by Alistair Henning, is a capsule of nostalgia for a recent moment already passed – and that moment was, itself, heavy with the burden of clinging to a past that seemed to forestall all possible futures.

January 2012, Cuba: Fidel Castro, the aged Communist-inspired dictator who liberated the country from American influence decades earlier, was still clinging to power (through his proxy / brother Raul) but had not made any public appearances in ... who could say how long, exactly? Meanwhile the people, increasingly impatient for meaningful and positive change to finally come to their island.

Travelling as a tourist and staying at state-sponsored hotels, Henning documented this transitional time using the Hipstamatic application on an Apple iPhone 4s. Although extremely lo-fi by contemporary standards, he feels that “many of these photos would not have been possible to make using a larger, more conspicuous camera”.

While images from this project have been exhibited previously, this is the first instance of the complete series’ publication in book form.

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