Alistair Henning is best known for his photo-based work interrogating how societies express themselves through their built environments, and how that expression, once manifested, persists and changes through time.

An avid proponent of analog-based image capture technology, Henning’s practice gives strong consideration to the relationship between intent, process, and visual outcomes.

Originally a professional musician, audio engineer and internationally acclaimed recording artist, Henning’s visual art practice evolved out of creating album covers and promotional photos for himself and other sound artists.

He holds a B.A. in English (University of Calgary), an M.A. in Media Production (University of Westminster), and an LL.B. (University of London), and resides in Vancouver’s East Village.


  • “Vancouver Old—New”, 2018, Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver
  • ‘Project Instant 5.0 – Telling Stories’ (group), 2018, Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver, Canada‘
  • Project Instant 4.0 – Retro Gratification’ (group), 2017, Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver, Canada
  • ‘Open’ (group), 2013, Calgary, Canada
  • ‘New Vintage Vernacular Letters’ (group), 2012, Mota Italic Gallery, Berlin, Germany 
  • 'Versatile' (solo), 2012, The Artery, Edmonton, Canada
  • ‘Photos 2011’ (group), Kaasa Gallery, Edmonton, Canada 
  • ‘Diversity’ (group), 2010 VAAA Gallery / The Works, Edmonton, Canada
  • ‘refracted landscape’ (group), 2010, Gallery Forward, UK 
  • ‘untitled’ (group), 2010, Gallery Forward, UK
  • ‘ideas of landscape’ (group), 2009, 3 Bedfordbury Gallery, London, UK 


  • ‘Is the Future Analogue? Film Photography In 2018’, 2018 (panel moderator), Capture Photography Festival, 2018
  • ‘Zine Culture Clash: Punk vs. White Cube’ (mixed media installation & panel moderator), 2017, Vancouver Art Book Fair Monthly Open Studio, Vancouver, Canada
  • 'Why Analog Photography Matters As Art As Never Before’ (panel moderator), 2017, Work Place, Vancouver, Canada
  • ‘Presenting the Photobook: McCauley Then & Now’ (Pecha Kucha presentation), 2013, PKN 16, Edmonton, Canada
  • ‘Photographs Create Our Collective Visual Idea of Place’ – Pecha Kucha presentation, 2010 (PKN 7, Edmonton, Canada)


  • 2017 – Best in Show, ‘Project Instant’, Capture Photo Festival, Vancouver, Canada 
  • 2015 – Honourable Mention, Mobile Photography Awards
  • 2009 – National Magazine Award (Nomination), for ‘UnCalgary’ photo essay


  • Vancouver Old—New (Photobook, 2018)
  • McCauley – Then & Now (Photobook, 2013)
  • UnCalgary (Serialized Photo Essay, Beatroute, 2007-2008)
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